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That means our affiliate program is currently OPEN to all of our existing clients and customers in good standing. (To be honest, you'd really only want to promote a product you own and have seen yourself.which is the category 98% of our affiliates fall into.) So if you are an existing client/customer, just log into the client area and you can instantly sign up our affiliate program.

However if you're from a media outlet, a large portal site, a magazine, or otherwise would like an exception, we DO grant those on a case-by-case. Simply click on "Open a New Ticket" on our InstantMLMSupport.com page and we'll help you out right away!

One final word: We know these are a few "extra hoops" for everyone - but just like the biggest affiliate and CPA networks online, we have this extra step in place to maintain the integrity of our high-converting program for our existing affiliates so that YOU get PAID for the sales you send over (instead of cheated out of your commission by an unscrupulous affiliate)! We wouldn't have affiliates sticking with us and promoting for three, four, even FIVE years and longer if we didn't have policies like this in place.

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